one chapter ends, another begins.

so, what's happening with nomadic hearts, you ask? why are we here, on ok, come inside my head for a minute. i’ve been thinkin’ about it for a while now, and i think i finally have the words for it.

i don’t know why but i’m nervous sharing this, to be honest :-)

nomadic hearts is blossoming into and she creates design studio

there was quite a bit that went into the decision to close down nomadic hearts as it is, including a ton of agonizing and stress. in the end, i guess i just realized that i was chasing after an image that wasn't truly ME. i love adventure and the outdoors, yes, but i jumped into this business adventure without a clue as to what i was doing (which isn’t always a bad thing)…i had no strategy, no business experience or prior knowledge, no business plan…nothing. i was basically just creating to sell, trying to compete with all the other people who were doing it. owning my own business became a realized dream of mine once started, but this little business wasn't it. a simple yet profoundly obvious truth came to fruition: design is my passion, not clothing. i realized it would be better for me to create a business branding myself as a designer, especially since that’s my life’s work and true passion.. it’s what i went to school for and it’s what i spend every day doing and thinking about, so it just makes sense, ya know? i also discerned that i was only sticking at it because i was focused on making money so i could pay back my debts. let’s be honest, i don’t want that to be the driving force behind my business. i want the driving force to be passion for what i do. i want to create a brand that will allow me to personally connect with people through my art and who i am as a person, one that will allow me to flourish as a designer in all ways. as silly as it may sound, i started to feel like i was hiding behind some sort of false persona almost…behind a mask of another person who’s name was 'nomadic hearts'.

that's not to say i didn't care about what i did, because each product was designed with love. i had so much fun on this adventure, i learned so so much and wow did i connect with some of the most amazing human beings. however at the same time, i realized i was designing products within a mindset of constantly wondering how it would be perceived by the public and how well it would sell rather than making art that i truly loved for the sake of making it. and to be frank, that burnt me out. as an artist who sells their work, it's important to understand what people want and what will sell –– after all, that’s how you make your living. but it's also important to understand who YOU are as an artist.. it’s important to know YOUR style, YOUR passion, YOUR personal route of expression. i felt like i was just chasing after a vision that wasn't connecting with who i am as a designer and that disconnect was causing that lack of fire within my soul to intensify. so i listened to my intuition when it pulled me in the direction that ultimately led to this decision. trust me, it wasn't easy coming to terms with it. i pushed the thought away more times than i can count. the idea that i didn't want to do this anymore scared me beyond belief. not only that, but i was honestly nervous people would be upset with me, angry even.. the internet can be a scary place! but i knew this was just a stepping stone in the right direction, that this adventure was what taught me the knowledge i’ll need going into my next adventure. and truly, it's okay to shed things that no longer serve the growth of your soul and purpose.

it's okay to shed-cropped.png

i just want you to know i'm not quitting. this isn't the end. nomadic hearts was the vehicle that drove me to me to find my deeper passion, to find where i really wanted to be. my new business may not attract the same audience, it may not have totally the same vibe, but it will have so much more passion, so much more creative fire behind everything i make. and after all, it’s still me. i feel myself coming alive each time i create something new and to me, that's not only so exciting, but so validating that i'm on the right path here. the universe works with you if you align yourself with it and allow yourself to be open to opportunities and growth.

thank you for stickin' through this little journey and thank you even MORE for coming along with me on the next one. this one is going to be even better . . . just wait n see :-)

the universe works with you-cropped.png

and she creates official ig page !